Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these fun activities!

St. Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration and reverence for Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. It is celebrated on March 17 in honor of his death date and is recognized as a Roman Catholic observance all around the world. Whether you’re from Ireland or just have a bit of Irish heritage, the holiday offers plenty of chances to celebrate your roots and observe traditions that go way back in time. Some popular St. Patrick’s Day activities include activities that involve green decorations, parades, child-appropriate crafts, speeches and traditional music to celebrate “the wearing o’ the green.”

The first recorded parade was held in 1762 by Irish immigrants in New York City. Since then, every year millions gather to march in St. Patrick’s Day parades around the US, Canada and other countries with close ties to Ireland like Australia or Argentina. The joyous parade tradition celebrates the Irish spirit with flamboyant parades featuring floats shaped like leprechauns or four-leaf clovers and marching bands tuning up classic Irish jigs played on bagpipes, accordions and drums! With many cities choosing to dye rivers green for St. Patrick’s Day for that added visual flourish! Other activities include drinking Guinness beer at pubs or even a morning run followed by traditional performances at city parks—all done while wearing plenty of green clothing!

In recent years, more people are picking up festive food options like Lucky Charms cereal over pancakes dyed green with shamrock-shaped pancakes and adding on non-alcoholic colorful drinks such as boiled eggs gleaming emerald stews befitting festive moments with family members. To kick off your own celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day festivities consider hosting an event at home complete with lively music; holiday cards address to friends members living far away inviting them to join remotely; decorations featuring images of shamrocks; Paddy gifts complete with Celtic jewelry; personalized photo frames featuring memorable moments from previous St Patricks’ visits or creative cupcakes decorated with four leaf clover designs—all these activities add unique flair that surely imbues vibrant spirit alive during the special day!

History of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious and cultural celebration that occurs annually on March 17 in Ireland and around the world. It is believed to be connected to the death date of St. Patrick, the most well-known patron saint of Ireland, but its exact origin is disputed. Today, St. Patrick’s Day has become a popular tradition in many countries, while also serving as an opportunity to recognize Irish culture and customs.

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day dates back to at least the 17th century, when it was observed as a Roman Catholic feast day in Ireland. Originally, St. Patrick’s Day was classified as a strictly religious and limited holiday where people attended church services to honor the saint and his works amidst parades and traditional Irish dancing performances during the day and night.

By the late 19th century, however, these festivities started to become more social with public festivities taking place throughout towns and cities with larger populations having even more extensive events involving music, dancing food & drink specials, parades & marches featuring decorated shamrock banners & floats from various groups or organizations within them as symbols of Irish pride & identity respectfully celebrated all throughout town or city venues by locals & visitors alike every year!

Activities to do on st patrick’s day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world, and is the ideal time to partake in some fun activities. From family-friendly parades to outdoor events and activities, there are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Whether you are looking to have a fun night out with friends or organize an event, here are some of the most popular activities to do on St. Patrick’s Day.


St. Patrick’s Day parades are held all across the world to celebrate the Irish patron saint. One of the most famous parades is the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade which usually takes place on March 17th in Manhattan. The parade typically features marching bands, floats, dancers and other performers.

Other popular St. Patrick’s Day parades are held in Dublin, Ireland and Boston, Massachusetts. Many other cities also hold their own smaller scale parade as a way to honor St. Patrick and show pride for their Irish heritage.

Pub Crawls

Pub Crawls are one of the most popular activities associated with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. A pub crawl consists of visiting multiple pubs in one night, usually in a designated area or route. While it is an activity primarily chosen by adults and not always encouraged, it is one of the most popular ways to celebrate the holiday.

Before starting your pub crawl, be sure to make arrangements in advance so that everyone is on board, has plenty of transportation options available and knows where you plan to go. Make sure everyone knows their limits! A safe route should include stops at two to three pubs with a reliable mode of transport between each one. If you’re going out with friends you could also assign a designated driver who won’t be drinking alcohol throughout the evening.

Enjoy your pub crawl responsibly and remember– no matter what happens during the night, it’s important to always stay within legal boundaries and act appropriately and according to local regulations when participating in this type of event!

Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing is widely practiced around the world as a form of cultural expression whenever St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated. Irish dance combines lively music, high-energy moves and traditional costume to create a unique form of entertainment. Irish dancing can be seen in pubs, parades, stage shows and community festivals throughout Ireland and elsewhere on St. Patrick’s Day.

Due its growing popularity outside of Ireland, more and more cultures are beginning to incorporate the Irish ‘style’ into their own folk dances — for example, Scotland’s Highland dancing or Sweden’s Polka Dancing. The distinguishing characteristics of Irish dance include quick feet combined with soft shoe shuffles that move the dancer in multiple directions across the floor at once. It is these complex rhythms that make it one of the most unique dance forms in the world today.

Dancers traditionally wear elaborately decorated costumes that include an ornate hairdo adorned with silk flowers and ribbons, brightly colored garters to highlight every bend in their arms when they move onto the floor, along with soft shoes that have been lovingly dressed up hand-painted designs — all to help bring out the spirit of Irish culture! Traditional musicians provide live accompaniment while dancers perform dances called jigs (6/8 time signature) or reels (4/4 time signature). This creates a festive atmosphere full of energy, enthusiasm and celebration — what better way could there be to celebrate St. Patrick’s day?

Irish Food

Food is an integral part of any St Patrick’s Day celebration. Traditional Irish food plays a key role in festivities and can include dishes like Colcannon (mashed potato, kale and cabbage), Dublin Coddle (a dish of sausage and bacon with potatoes, onions, herbs and spices), Boxty (a potato pancake) or Irish Stew.

Other popular fare includes corned beef, soda bread, shepherd’s pie, smoked salmon and Apple tart – all made with fresh ingredients found in the countryside. For beverages you could enjoy some Irish whiskey or Guinness beer.

It is worth noting that it is not obligatory to cook traditional Irish food for the occasion! Anything that is green-themed will be sure to please your guests.


For those looking to add a bit of gamified fun to their St. Patrick’s Day festivities, there are many different activities and games that can be enjoyed. These can range from classic pub games such as darts and pool to children’s party-type games like scavenger hunts. And, of course, no St. Patrick’s Day celebration would be complete without some Irish-themed trivia or game show competitions revolving around Irish culture, language and history.

For group involvement, you can also try standoffs such as ‘quoits’ (ring throwing competition) or pitch-and-toss (similar to horseshoes). Other contests for multiple people could include races involving potato rushing (carrying an egg with a spoon in one’s mouth) or ‘messier than usual carrot eating’ (dunking carrots into a jar).

No matter the crowd size or preferred sports activity, St. Patrick’s Day provides plenty of opportunities for great laughs and good times!

Other Activities

While parades and parties are one of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day activities, there are plenty of other fun activities you can do to celebrate. From crafting to cooking, you can find something fun to do no matter what your age.


Crafts are a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. These activities might include making a paper shamrock chain, creating a pot of “gold” coins with gold foil paper, creating pictures out of green flowers or other materials, or even decorating an Irish-themed mug or t-shirt. All these activities can help put your family in the holiday spirit!

Other activities might include gathering leaves from the nearby plants to create a festive wreath, or even setting up games like building candy bridges with green gumdrops. Get creative and don’t forget to incorporate plenty of green into your decorations for St. Patrick’s Day—the more imaginative, the better!


St. Patrick’s Day is an extremely popular holiday – and while most are familiar with the traditional activities associated with the day, there are many other activities you can enjoy to honor the day! Movies are one of the most fun ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, especially if it falls on a rainy or snowy day.

If you’re in the mood for some light family entertainment, there is no shortage of movies that feature themes related to St. Patrick’s day. These films often showcase Irish culture and stories from across Ireland, many of which focus on leprechauns and mischievous fairies on their adventures.

For older audiences, there are a variety of fun films centered around St. Patricks Day too – making them perfect for movie nights at home or with friends. This includes classics such as ‘The Boondock Saints’ and ‘Leprechaun 4: In Space’ – both great choices for those looking for a humorous twist on the traditional celebrations!

Other great choices include ‘The Quiet Man’ starring John Wayne; ‘Darby O’ Gill and The Little People’ a musical fantasy adventure set in rural Ireland which features historical Irish folk tales; ‘Waking Ned Devine’ featuring James Nesbitt playing an elderly man determined to help his friend win the lottery; or ‘The Commitments’ a musical comedy-drama in which an aspiring musician puts together a soul band inspired by American music legends such as Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett!

Whatever movie you choose, it’s sure to add extra fun to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!


Shopping is a great way to get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day! Irish goods can be found in specialty stores and online retailers. Stores often carry a variety of items including clothing, jewelry, flags, decorations and more. Claddagh rings are especially popular during this celebration. These rings feature two hands clasping a crowned heart and represent love, loyalty, and friendship.

Shoppers can also find traditional Irish wares like Guinness glasses, Celtic knot jewelry and shamrock decorations. It’s important to do your research beforehand to find items that truly represent the special day or make sure you purchase from an established retailer that sources its products ethically.


Music plays an important role in St. Patrick’s Day festivals. Traditional Irish music is played at pubs, parades and cultural events, often joining the Irish and Celtic music of earlier centuries to the contemporary rock, folk and country genres around the world today.

Many celebrants incorporate traditional Celtic instruments such as the Uilleann pipes, bodhrán (drum) and fiddle in their musical performances as well as more modern instruments like guitar and banjo. Popular songs associated with St. Patrick’s Day include “The Mountains of Mourne” “Wild Rover,” “Danny Boy,” and most famously, “When Irish Eyes are Smiling.”

Dance has always been popular as part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations too, particularly in cities such as Dublin where hundreds of people take to the streets for parades including colorful costumes and dance performances. Many major cities around Ireland host a parade every March 17th that includes many marching bands performers – so get out there and join in!


St. Patrick’s Day festivals can be found in many places around the world, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. These festivals are usually celebrated with parades and parties, often featuring traditional Irish music and dance.

In Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland there is a national holiday on March 17th to celebrate St Patrick’s life and mission in bringing Christianity to the island nation. In other countries such as Scotland, Wales, and England there are large festivals but no official holiday or celebrations honoring St Patrick’s day.

In addition to parades, most cities will host cultural events including traditional Irish fairs with artisanal food stalls selling edible treats like potato cakes, scones, jams and cheeses. The festivities will also often include stands where locals demonstrate traditional dance moves and even give lessons for those curious about participating in them (such as Irish step-dancing).

There may also be performances by folk musicians playing a type of Celtic music known as “sean-nós” which is an old style of singing that dates back to at least the 16th century! Venues such as schools or community centers may even allow attendees to participate in one of these fun activities by joining workshops focused on Celtic art forms like paper making, pottery painting or calligraphy classes.


St. Patrick’s Day is a relatively light-hearted day filled with fun activities. From parades and parties to more traditional religious ceremonies, St. Patrick’s Day can be approached in any way you choose. This day of celebration honors its namesake through many different activities, such as sharing food, attending Irish-themed events, or simply gathering together with friends and family.

Whatever your preferred method of celebrating may be, it’s important to remember the history and message behind St. Patrick’s Day – that life should be celebrated in both joyous and humble ways. As you honor the patron saint of Ireland this special day, keep his spirit alive by participating in any combination of cultural and festive activities that help us all come together as one global community.